fernando melo
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Choreography Fernando Melo
Music Avet Terterian
Set and Costume Design Markus Pysall
Light Design Ellen Ruge
GöteborgsOperan Orchestra conducted by B Tommy Andersson

23 February 2008
The Göteborg Ballet, Sweden


Boxman from Fernando Melo on Vimeo.


"Beautifully and disturbingly moving... the piece is characterized by a never ceasing flow of movement... The precision of the movements creates a contrast to the disharmonies it portrays... In this way Boxman becomes a simultaneously beautiful and disturbing description of the restricting conditions on the individual in modern society."

Birgitta Johansson, Svenska Dagbladet

"...interesting, thought-provoking, and entertaining..."

"Fernando Melo knows what he wants and has a clear message."

Hans Peterson, HallandsPosten