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Don Juan

Choreography Fernando Melo
Music by Christoph Willibald Gluck
Set and costumes design Patrick Kinmonth
Assistant Choreographer Shumpei Nemoto
Light design David Hedinger

October 1st, 2014
Luzerner Theater
Luzern, Switzerland


Don Juan - Trailer


"Melo's ideas are original and plentiful; the two-act ballet is flush with creative choreographic and visual effects, many of which incorporate the scenery and props."

"...his choreographic style is absorbing and diversified..."

"Melo cleverly assimilates the musical component of the production into the narrative..."

"Melo seems to have enough original ideas to fill countless productions, and his partnership with Kinmonth is especially prolific for Don Juan. The pairing of contemporary movement with a Baroque setting does not result in a typical dance performance."

Jessica Teague, Dance Europe

"...you are rewarded with a whole new style of dance, with incredible images, scenes, motion sequences. What is offered here, especially in the first part ... is pure fun, comedic dance or danced comedy. The whole thing has something incredibly playful and pleasurable in itself, producing images like out of a storybook."

"...a lot of fun and an incredible dynamic ... triggering much applause and many laughs."

Gabriela Bucher, Innerschweiz Online

"...standing ovations and enthusiastic applause for Fernando Melo's dreamy "DonJuan." He skillfully combines costume magic, smooth dance and baroque set design for a rich and dynamic work."

Weinenfelnden, St. Galler Tagblatt

"To begin with, portraying such a well-known figure as Don Juan on stage is a major challenge, and yet the Brazilian choreographer, Fernando Melo, succeeded...and still managed to be surprising while avoiding clichés - that's difficult."

"...scenes that left chills up my spine..."

Beat Vogt, Radio SRF 1

"Melo seems to have consciously decided against the clichéd image and affirms this decision by having an effective dance language."

Isabelle Jakob, Neuer Zürcher Zeitung

"Quite convincing, sometimes humorous and poignant..."

"Visually entertaining...presents a modern interpretation in historical garb and so confident in it's overall appearance."

Anja K. Arend, Tanznetz.de

"A successful dance performance that captivated the audience through the choreographer's original ideas."

Bieler Tagblatt