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La distancia mas larga entre dos puntos

Choreography Fernando Melo
Music Jacob Kirkegaard, Stars of the Lid, Steve Reich, Paul Lansky, Glenn Branca
Light, set and costumes design Mauricio Ascencio

September 10th, 2014
Tumàka't danza contemporánea
Festival International Cervantino
Guanajuato, Mexico


La distancia mas larga entre dos puntos from Fernando Melo on Vimeo.


"Altogether, a lucid, colorful performance, adding up to fifty minutes of pure pleasure... for sure a jewel in this year's Festival International Cervantino crown."

Rochelle Cashdan, Mexiguana

"Brazilian choreographer, Fernando Melo, through the company Tumàka't, delighted the audience... which was struck by his wit, dynamism, agility and timing."

Diario del Centro / Nuestro México

"The big surprise of the first weekend at the Festival Internacional Cervantino."

"An intriguing, intelligent, attractive piece with personality and an immense attraction..."

"...met by the audience with affection."

Manuel Lino, El Economista

"...called attention with its ingenuity, agility and timing."

Conaculta, El Golfo