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Les Enfants du paradis

Choreography Fernando Melo
Music Peteris Vasks and Frédéric Chopin
Music direction Rolando Garza Rodriguez
Set and Costumes Design Patrick Kinmonth
Artistic Collaborator Shumpei Nemoto
Light design David Hedinger

December 3rd, 2016
Luzerner Theater
Luzern, Switzerland


Les Enfants du paradis from Fernando Melo on Vimeo.


"A film classic becomes visual fireworks."

"Guest Choreographer Fernando Melo transforms the whole thing into a visual spectacle."

"A diverse and remarkable production."

Beat Vogt, SRF, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

"Kinder des Olymp: Dance as theater magic and spectacular circus poetry."

"The work received applause between scenes that others can only dream to receive at the end of a show."

"If you can not imagine a fourth space dimension or even multiple universes, here is help".

Urs Mattenberger, Luzerner Zeitung

"It is simultaneously theater, film, dance and mime. You see pictures like you've never seen before and experience moments that you have never encountered."

"The pictures are so unusual, the scenes so fabulous... a technical masterpiece, but also a masterpiece of precision."

"An extraordinary experience with completely new dimensions."

Gabriela Bucher, European News Agency

"Kinder des Olymp - the show that takes your breath away"

"I loved it so much, that I was even crying one moment - the play just took my breath away."

"I was introduced to fascinating compositions of technical decisions and tricky scenography that made the audience think twice."

"The show was build into the smallest detail and kept the audience engaged till the end."

Lina Petraviciute, Living Luzern