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Choreography Fernando Melo
Costumes Design Jérôme Delbey
Light design Seah Johnson
Artistic Collaborator Shumpei Nemoto

February 13th, 2016
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
Colorado, USA


Re:Play from Fernando Melo on Vimeo.


"Fernando Melo's "Re:Play" was the blockbuster of the night"

Christina Campodonico, Los Angeles Times

"I was sitting on the edge of my seat, as I tried to parse a story from all these disjointed yet enthralling goings-on."

"I found Re:play fascinating, and look forward to seeing more from Mr. Melo."

Dina McDermott, CriticalDance.org

"Re:play's staging, timing, and relationships make it a most intriguing dance."

Cheryl Callon, Theater Jones